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Tesco Guidelines: What you need to know about promoting at Tesco
In order to be allowed to promote in Tesco, you must have your store confirmation letter.

Signing in: 
  • Present your store permission letter to the customer service desk upon arrival.
  • You must sign in with the store at the customer service desk or the security desk.
  • Details of any vehicles parked on site must be registered when you sign in, please include vehicle registration number to avoid any parking fines.
  • If the duty manager does not arrive within 30 minutes, you are permitted to set up your stand in the booked location and confirm with them after.
What time should I show up at Tesco?

  • Arrive between 8-8:30am to give yourself enough time to set up for 9am.
  • You will need to agree a location in the foyer with the store upon arrival.
  • You may not have sole use of the foyer space, a charity or sampling activity may also be promoting in store.
  • Aim to arrive by 7.30am to get the best possible location. to secure the parking spaces and set up your promotion. If you arrive after this time you may need to wait for customers to move their vehicles before you are able to set up.
  • You will be allocated spaces on arrival.
  • You may not be at the entrance of the store due to disabled parking bays etc.
  • Ensure you consult the duty manager over the selected parking bays.
  • You must not park in restricted bays such as parent and child and disabled bays. 
  • If you are carrying out a product placement please ensure you leave your contact details with the store. 
  • Please be aware that gas cylinders are not permitted on site and heating & hazardous equipment need to be housed securely. 
  • If you have any extra storage vehicles they will need to be stored at the back of the car park.
What time can we promote from - until?
You have access to the store from open until close. We recommend being ready and set up for 9.00am at the latest and leaving around 6:30PM to cover all peaks in footfall.
Where can I promote?
The exact location of your promotion will be agreed upon arrival and once you have checked in with a store manager – Services Manager is best contact. Note: When identifying a location please be aware that you are not permitted to move stock that is on the shop floor, you must not obstruct fire exits or product displays and you should ensure that you are not blocking any customer walk ways. It is worth noting that the Duty Manager may ask you to move to a more suitable location when he/she arrives and you must be prepared to accommodate this request.

How much space am I allowed for my promotion?
Your indoor promotional space must not exceed (subject to availability) an internal area of 1.75m x 1.5 m (or as alternatively indicated in the order form). Your external area must not exceed of 5m x 10m and 2.5m in height, and no more than 4 car parking spaces (or as alternatively indicated in the order form).

Will equipment be provided for us?
You are expected to take your own branded promotional equipment, table, chair etc. Please only bring the equipment you have stated in your booking form and ensure all assets fit within the footprint of space allocated.
What data can I take?
You are permitted to take data from customers at Tesco in line with your promotional activity, To ensure that all data capture is GDPR compliant it's important that you fill in the data capture form and bring this along with you confirmation letter on the day of your promotion at Tesco. The data capture form is found in the 'Account settings' tab on your profile page. 

Do I need to sign-out?
Yes, please ensure you sign out of the store in the visitors book you used to sign in with.
  • At the end of each day, please ensure the stand is packed away and the area is tidy. 
  • If you leave equipment (car, stands, banners etc) you can be charged for extra days and associated costs.

Payments & Documentation
We require payment to be received prior to the start of your promotion. 

I haven't received an invoice
Once your booking has been accepted you will receive an invoice within one working day. If you haven't received your invoice please email

I'm not able to make payment before my promotion starts
Unless we have a Purchase Order, or a deposit at least 30 days before the start of the Promotion, unfortunately we will not be able to accept the booking. Any query, please get in touch with

I haven't  received my Store Permission Letter?
You will receive this only once we've received payment. If paid and still not received please email

What is Employers Liability Insurance?
Employers’ liability insurance may cover you in the event that an employee decides to sue you for an accident they’ve had, or an illness they’ve suffered, as a result of their work. For example, if an employee slipped and injured themselves in your office, or while they were working on your behalf outside the office or workplace, you could be liable for legal costs and compensation.

What is Public Liability Insurance?
Public liability insurance covers you for the cost of a claim made by a member of the public that has suffered injury or property damage as a result of your business or a product it has supplied. This means that it protects you against the cost of compensation to be paid out, as well as the legal expenses incurred by the claims process.

Issues on the day

Problem setting up / issue while promoting
Contact us immediately. In order for us to help you on the day we need to be made aware of an issue before 11am. Promotional Space is available Monday – Friday. Please call us on: 0203-865 0269 or For weekend support, please phone us on 01628 902306 or 01628 902222. Alternatively, you can email us at

There isn't anyone at the customer service desk?
If the duty manager does not arrive within 30 minutes, you are permitted to set up your stand in the booked location.

I've had a bad experience, what can I do?
Promotional Space gives you access to high footfall venues that are in high demand. We are not able to guarantee the results, as often this will depend on your expectations and your performance. If you have any issue with the Venue or your ability to promote at the venue, as per your booking confirmation, please email us immediately at

The manager is querying my booking 
If you have presented your store permission letter upon your arrival and the duty manager is still querying your booking, please kindly request them to contact the Taste at Tesco team. 

There is another activity in store 
Multiple activities are booked across the premises at any one time and they should be able to co-exist together. If you have any questions regarding other activities please initially speak to the customer services desk, or contact the Taste at Tesco Team.

I am not in the ‘correct’ location 
The stores can be very busy with many activities taking place alongside stock on the shop floor. Every store has a different layout so the location you book is a guideline as to where you will be placed. Please be aware that this is not a guaranteed location and is at the discretion of the store. if you are dissatisfied with where you are set up, please kindly consult the duty manager. 

I forgot my Confirmation Letter 
You must bring your store permission letter to every activity in order to confirm your booking with the store. If you have forgotten your store permission letter and the store are refusing to let you set up, please kindly ask them to contact Taste at Tesco. Please be advised that the store are entitled to refuse the activity without this booking confirmation.

Amendments & Cancellations
If you cannot attend your promotion, we encourage you to cancel the booking as it is your responsibility to ensure that the venue owners are not expecting you.

Amendment policy
21 days or less = you cannot make a change.
21 days or more = There is a charge of £20 admin fee.

How amendments work
You will receive a credit note for the value of the booking you amended and will then receive an invoice for the new booking plus a £20 amendment fee will be added to your next booking.

Cancellation / Refund policy
21 days or less = there is no refund.
21 days or more = There is a charge of £20 admin fee + 20% of the value of the booking.

How cancellations work
You will receive a full refund by credit note for the value of the booking you cancelled and an invoice for your cancellation fees (20% of the value of the booking plus £20) will be sent.

Other questions

I can't find the venue I'm looking for?
At this stage only Tesco retail space is bookable on this version. Please get in touch via if you need help with other venues.

I encountered problems whilst booking on line
We are still refining the platform and really appreciate your feedback and comments. Please get in touch with