Why the struggle on the high-street is good news for marketers

April 19, 2018

Experiential marketing can give retailers and brands the boost they need.

The high street is having a rough time. The convergence of online shopping, declining real wages and rising rental overheads have whipped up some of the toughest operating conditions in recent memory. Most recently, Toys R Us and Maplin have collapsed, while New Look and Mothercare have announced closures, as have Jamie's Italian, burger chain Byron and Prezzo.

Experiential to the rescue and why it matters for marketers

So what can retailers possibly do? Retail futurist, Doug Stephens has written a book on exactly this topic. It’s called Re-engineering retail, and in it he makes the case that retail as we know it is over and that the store of the future is the one that puts the customer experience front and centre. 
If the high-street is to evolve and thrive it needs to provide experiences that people can’t enjoy at home and this is great news for brand marketers.
Here are a few interesting quotes that show how experiential marketers will benefit:

On the benefits of physical over digital

“Physical shopping spaces will ultimately prove to be the most powerful, immediate and measurable form of media available to a retailer or brand. I say this for a few reasons. First, physical spaces will allow consumers to have retailer or brand-related experiences that cannot be fully replicated online, making them extremely special. Second, because in a world of fleeting and fragmented attention, shopping spaces are an opportunity for shoppers to be fully (cognitively, emotionally and physically) engaged in a branded media experience that no other media format can consistently promise.”

On the store vs. other media

“It’s any guess whether someone saw your TV ad. It’s harder to dispute that someone physically visited your retail space.
“It’s a scientific fact that the cognitive recall of physical experiences is far greater than the recall of passive experiences, such as those resulting from seeing or hearing advertisements.”

The bottom line

“Physical experiences are more powerful, more memorable and more measurable than any other form of media.” 


Find the perfect space for your experiential campaign
The venue you choose can either make or break your campaign. So whether it’s a shopping centre, train station, supermarket or festival - they all have different demographics, footfall and ambience - it’s vital to be in the right space. Search for space here.

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