pt.5 Face-to-face marketing: an agile, measurable way of engaging your customers

August 13, 2019

We’ve already looked at the science behind the power of personal experience and how it works on our emotions and brand engagement. But what proof do we have of its success?

According to Statista, 93% of consumers claimed that live events had a greater influence on them than TV ads. When we consider how much a brand might spend on an outbound activity like TV advertising, when nobody can guarantee a specific TV audience at a specific time any more, it seems astonishing that any brand would do it.

Indeed, 91% of over performing businesses, according to Bizzabo, place greater emphasis on live events as a marketing channel. Another figure from EMI & Mosaic shows 77% of marketers use experiential marketing as a vital part of a brand’s advertising strategies, so the idea is definitely catching on.

A serious barrier to ‘going live’ for many brands has been cost and availability of suitable spaces. These problems are now diminishing. Retail as an industry is in a state of flux, ripe for constructive disruption.

You need space for face-to-face marketing and large retail venues have space to hire out. Your live promotion, if you’ve researched the retailer and their demographic properly, can also enhance their customers’ experience. It can result in a huge win-win where you engage with the people most valuable to your business and the retail venue increases profitability. You might not get it right first time and that’s ok. It took Apple a couple of store redesigns to hit their perfect experiential formula too – and they continue to adapt it every year. Whatever the scale of the face-to-face event you have in mind, as long as you follow a few set rules, collect feedback and evolve your live campaigns as you go, you will create an experience that your customers will remember for all the right reasons.


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