pt.1 What is face to face marketing?

July 10, 2019

What is face to face marketing?

Face-to-face marketing is known by many names: event marketing, live marketing, brand activation, pop-up marketing, experiential marketing and showrooming, to name a few.

It is quite literally the activity of marketing a product or service directly to a target audience in person, face-to-face.

Objectives are always subjective and can shift from one campaign to another depending on your buying cycle, seasonal events or product improvement calendar. Whatever they are, the point of face-to-face marketing is to inspire an emotional connection with your target audience unique to your brand.

There are many different approaches that will be determined by your messaging, USPs, values, objectives of the campaign and how it aligns with other marketing activities. You might need to be present in front of a huge audience simply to raise awareness following a launch. Alternatively, if your product is of high value, such as a new car, you might only want to engage a few customers that are very likely to convert.

Whatever your aims, the focus should be on offering a new experience that is more alive and immediate than the digital one they are used to, whilst maintaining a consistent image, personality and flavour.

If you have a product, give away samples and ask people what they think. If you’re selling a service, make sure your staff are part of the promotion. You need to activate your brand, bring it to life and make it accessible to your customers. Let them touch it, smell it, talk to you about it, directly and in person.

This is how you will inspire an emotional connection and that is your ultimate goal.


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