The power of face to face marketing

July 10, 2019


Why would digital giants Apple and Amazon perform the ultimate u-turn and open their own physical stores?

Puzzled journalists and stock market analysts asked themselves the same thing. It seemed counter-intuitive,as if they were embracing the very world they’d worked so hard to prove unfashionable, out of touch and irrelevant to the modern consumer.

Yet Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos knew what they were doing. While their exploding digital world was an exciting one, 90% of sales worldwide were still occurring over a physical counter in a bricks-and-mortar store. These retail visionaries realised that the success of their brands relied on creating a personal, emotional experience for their customers and that’s what they set out to achieve.

Rather than going back in time, Amazon and Apple have melded elements of the digital and physical into a whole new retail experience, bringing their brands down to earth as they leverage increased engagement back into their online stores.

And they’ve never been more successful.

So, what can other brands learn from this? Why is creating an emotional connection so important for brand engagement? And how can brands engage their target audience face-to-face, with experiences that inspire an emotional response they won’t forget?

In this series we explore why face-to-face marketing is so effective, how it works as part of a broader marketing strategy and all the factors that go into creating a successful live event campaign.


Part 1: What is face to face marketing?

Part 2: The power of face to face marketing

Part 3: Physical vs. Digital worlds

Part 4: How the most successful businesses are harmonising their digital and physical worlds 


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