Meeting customers face-to-face, to book new holidays in 2020

December 18, 2019

A stimulating promotional experience to help consumers choose to buy their holiday from your travel business


By Andrew Ford on behalf of Promotional Space


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We’re all rather fatigued after 3.5 years of Brexit sclerosis, and all need an energy-boosting and spirit-lifting fillip in our lives for 2020.


Add to that the mid-winter blues, and it’s time to think of warmer shores and something to look forward to during the twelve months ahead.


What better time then, to book a new holiday, whether cruise, package-holiday or bespoke guided tour, to find the right locations for sun, sand, sights, food, festivals and fun.


So where may a consumer find the holiday that’s right for them? There are certainly numerous choices available in the UK. In 2018 there for 4,753 different businesses offering travel services. These range for independent local businesses, to multi-channel large high street chains to online specialists.


Number of travel agency enterprises in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2008 to 2018


May a travel service / booking business rely solely on the breadth of digital marketing techniques in order to draw-in and boost new consumer sales. This requires a great deal online jostling for space across a busy five thousand strong holiday sector.


Or is a more experiential and physical approach, with face-to-face engagement, a strong complement or alternative to online marketing, to sell holidays to new and existing customers in 2020?


In the Promotional Space guide ‘Face-to-face marketing: The power of expertial and why every brand should do it’, the importance of the motivating human neurotransmitter chemicals, of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytoxin, are described. When such chemicals are released in the brain, due to a positive emotional experience, they produce a positive brand engagement.


Indeed the prioritising of face-to-face experiences to help stimulate emotional brand engagement is favoured by a number of successful businesses.


‘…91% of over performing businesses……… place greater emphasis on live events as a marketing channel.’

Source: Bizzabo


Please download the Promotional Space guide to find out how the power of face-to-face engagement marketing can help find more customers for your 2020 holiday and travel portfolio.


Alternatively please contact us on the following email, in order to discuss your business priorities and how Promotional Space may help you to achieve them.





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