How to book promotional space in Tesco

August 24, 2018

Our unique platform makes booking promotional space in Tesco effortless.

This guide and short video will show you how you can book promotional space in any of Tesco’s 713 stores in 3 simple steps. 




Step 1 - Search

Search for your Tesco store

Go to the homepage and click on the Search button to activate the search popup. When you start typing the area you want to promote in, a range of locations will automatically appear. Just click the location you’re looking for and a list of options will appear that show the closest stores to your search.

You can further filter results to show stores that allow either indoor (foyer) or outdoor(car park) promotions.

Click ‘book online’to go to the stores page where you can start the booking process.

Step 2 - Select

Select your store details

Now that you’ve chosen the store you want to promote at, all we need is a few more details to proceed with your booking. When you’ve entered in the information below, you will see the price for booking the space.

1. Location- Choose whether you would like internal space (foyer) or external space (car park). See below for information on the details of the spaces. 

  • Internal space: The foyer offers promoters a 2m x 2m space in the high-footfall entrance of the store and means that your business will be seen by everyone walking through the doors. 
  • External space: The car park, predominantly used for car promotions, offers promoters 4 parking bays which can accommodate for two cars.

2. Start of promotion / End of promotion – Choose your promotional dates

3. Click ‘Request to book’– Don’t worry, there’s no commitment at this stage, you will be taken to another page to review and confirm your booking.

Step 3 - Book

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 11.55.27

You’re almost there. All you need to do is review that your dates and location are correct, tick the T&C’s box and click ‘Book now’. That’s it.

You will be taken automatically to your profile page where you can manage all of your bookings.

What happens next

Great, so now that you've booked promotional space in your chosen Tesco store, behind the scenes we're double-checking availability to make sure that your space is available. 

While we're reviewing the booking (we guarantee to do this on the same day if you book before 3pm) you'll notice that the status of your booking is 'pending'. If the space is available you will receive an email from us confirming your booking and the status of the booking will change to 'accepted'

All you have to do now is pay for your booking and you will be sent your confirmation letter via email. Please ensure you bring this to the store on the day as you will need it in order to promote. 

Note: If your chosen space isn't available then we will email you a list of available days close to the times of your original dates so that you can be sure to get the space when you book again.

And that's it. Have a great promotion! 


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