How Anytime Fitness Boosts Gym Memberships at Tesco

January 03, 2018

In a relentlessly competitive market, gym owners are always looking for an unfair advantage. We talk to Russel,  multi-site owner of global gym group Anytime Fitness, who explains how promotional events help him stay on top.

What led you to first try pop-up marketing events to boost your membership

I heard about it internally through the franchise management team as part of their suggestions for marketing. Supermarkets are great places to market a gym. It’s not something a lot of people initially consider and they may be put off because talking to store managers and organising the rental seems like a lot of work.

Who organises the materials for the promotion and which materials do you use? 

We organise our own promotional materials; we have a branded stand and pop-up banners for every promotion. Sometimes we also hand out freebies such as water bottles, pens or balloons for the kids.

"Promotional Space made it easy"

Who staffs the promotion?

We use our own staff and pick the best/most engaging people from the sales team to ensure they’ll interact well with customers.

What factors have you found to be key in making the promotion a success? 

Location is key and being in the foyer is great because everyone sees you when they enter. But perhaps the most important thing is the people running the promotion. Make sure you’ve got engaging, professional looking sales people, with your stand and banners set up in a good location and you'll do well. 

What are your main objectives from a promotion?

We aim for upwards of 30 – 50 leads for new members to call it a good day. Sometimes we have ended up signing people up on the day because they liked the promotion so much. Personal selling gets a much higher return than other promotions: we will typically get 5 – 10 new members from 30 – 40 prospects.

How often do you run promotions and would you like to do more if other venues were available?

We promote once or twice a month in Tesco and we’d do it every week if there were more venues! During pre-sell we should be there every week for at least 3 days. After that we will vary which days we promote and for how long to make sure we’re covering different audiences. Always promote 8am – 8pm and sweat everything to get the best results. 

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