Health & Fitness in 2020 – a golden opportunity for new customer subscriptions during January

December 01, 2019



Andrew Ford, on behalf of Promotional Space, 1st December 2019


According to in January 2019, the top 3 new year resolutions relate to better health and fitness.

inc 2019 top resolutions

  1. Diet or eat healthier (71 percent);
  2. Exercise more (65 percent);
  3. Lose weight (54 percent).

Women focus on resolutions related directly to their health, and men seek to reduce their consumption of alcohol.

Both women and men require help and advice in order to achieve their aspirations for greater health, fitness and overall wellbeing.

In addition, with greater appetite for fun and sociable fitness methods to becoming fitter and healthier, such as Body Pump and Insanity, there is an opportunity to market and sell to a wide number of consumers across age and socio-demographic segments.

January 2020 is the golden window to mobilise your health and fitness business to talk directly with consumers and sell subscriptions and other services to help them achieve their goals.

At the Promotional Space marketplace we can help you to plan, launch and run face-to-face sales promotions pop-ups in retail and other consumer high footfall locations, so that you may achieve your business growth goals. We match your merchandising events objectives with suitable venues across the country.




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Face-to-face experiential events have a huge impact on prospective clients, and are favoured by marketers across consumer brand categories.


face to face importance stats



Promotional Space has experience working with health and fitness businesses to help them grow their own client subscriptions.


david bell quote


anytime fitness case study




We would very much like to hear from you concerning your client subscription growth needs.

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Andrew Ford

on behalf of Promotional Space

1st December 2019



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