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December 02, 2019


Andrew Ford, on behalf of Promotional Space, 2nd December 2019


With the fast-moving dynamics of the Gig-economy, your need for an available, motivated and flexible workforce is paramount. People are also reflecting on the changing world of work and what they would like to do in 2020 and beyond. With such important needs on both sides, now is the best time to plan the recruitment of new staff over the next 12 months.

UK citizens, and other nationals with permission to work in the UK, often need flexibility in their working lives, and think about how they may earn income for themselves and their families in the year ahead. In a 2018 YouGov survey, 45% of respondents said that income from ‘new work services’ was either very or fairly important.

There are also a number of potential flexible sources and types of work available, which can provide important household income.



There is a huge desire for a changing pattern of work across the UK, and such a growing need matches the requirement from many businesses for an available workforce.

The challenge is often finding and engaging the right numbers of motivated people.

This situation is being further exacerbated by the lowering of the availability of non-UK EU nationals available for work in the UK, which means a focused and competitive recruitment drive is hugely important in 2020.



Prompting people with an employment option face-to-face, is an excellent way to connect and discuss opportunities. Meeting and talking with people is often the best way to engage them to discuss the employment options that would work for them and their family’s lifestyles.

If your recruitment process is too long, you will lose potential workers on the way. Make sure your acquisition funnel is as fast and simple as it can be ……….. the lower the friction, the better your recruitment process.” Source: How to recruit in the gig economy. 

An opportunity for such conversations coincides with a person’s trip to do their grocery shopping and other regular domestic tasks. Space to organise and hold direct discussions is often available in grocery retail outlets.

Finding high footfall retail locations for your recruitment needs across the UK is easy with Promotional Space.

Promotional Space has a special relationship with Tesco and number of other retailers, for running new recruitment campaigns across the country. This helps businesses, which need to find a positive and available workforce, to discover, select and book space in a number of towns and cities, by using the online platform. 


You may contact us at Promotional Space today:


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Thank you.


Andrew Ford,

on behalf of Promotional Space,

2nd December 2019



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