Choosing the best location for your face-to-face marketing campaign

October 23, 2018

Choosing the right location is critical to your face-to-face marketing event’s success. Get it right and you place your brand at the heart of your target market. Get it wrong and you simply won’t get the results you want.

More and more spaces are becoming available for promotional events, some of them are the most prominent retail outlets around the UK. These outlets or shopping centres have a vast amount of information on their demographics, the type of footfall that they get, as well as the times when their premises are bustling versus when they are quieter.

If the demographic of the location suits your target persona and you believe you could easily find and meet your ideal consumer in this space, then there should be no reason why you don’t set up an event there. 77% of marketers already include experiential marketing as a vital part of their strategy. Because they’ve seen the fantastic results it brings, as long as you follow some simple rules.

The right location puts your brand at the heart of your target market

Your audience is hungry for physical interaction and you should give it to them. According to Piers Fawkes, editor-in-chief of business intelligence platform PSFK, 80% of people say that online promotions are boring and their attention spans waning.

Fawkes has also said that 91% of consumers say that they find ads more intrusive than two to three years ago. It’s hard to ignore this strong indication of digital advertising becoming more and more ineffective at securing qualified leads. As a result, marketing is moving back into the physical world, focusing on building meaningful customer relationships. And the best way to do this, is face-to-face.

The value of face-to-face contact with your ideal customers

Face-to-face marketing is known by many different terms. Experiential marketing, showrooming, event marketing and brand activation are some of the more popular terms bandied about. At its core, it’s all about marketing your products or services directly to your target audience, in person.

Of course, you’d like a sale out of the experience eventually but that is not necessarily your primary aim. The key objective of face-to-face marketing is to inspire an emotional response that strengthens brand engagement and builds trust and loyalty that will last long-term.

If you select the right location, you will surround your brand with exactly the kind of people most likely to buy it. You can show it to them and most importantly, strike up a conversation with them about it, building rapport and gaining invaluable insight first-hand as to their true opinion of it.

Finding the right venue to show your brand to your customers

Have you created your buyer persona profile? If not, then this is a great place to start. Having a clear picture of who you want to speak to not only helps you ascertain where you should set up an event but also how to map out realistic goals.

You need to create a shortlist of locations that you believe will work for your brand and then begin refining those options. Think about the information you want to get back from them and plan your questions carefully to ensure you get it. If you want to collect their email addresses for further marketing campaigns, what can you offer them in return?

The value of the data you derive from meeting your ideal customer face to face is invaluable. When you know and understand all the necessary demographic information about the venue, you can map out how to best engage with your audience. And once you’ve made that personal connection you can carry it out over your digital campaigns.

A live experiential event at the right venue will bolster your online marketing

You need to begin with the end in mind. Social media sharing of your face-to-face marketing event is a big win and you can make this campaign as full or thin as you need. EventTrack’s benchmarking report states 98% of consumers create digital or social content at events and experiences. 100% of consumers share their content they create for social media purposes.

Using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to share live stories is an excellent way of drawing a crowd. Creating a unique hashtag allows you to push your event or campaign to begin trending across the platforms.

And it’s not late to host a face-to-face marketing event after you’ve established a new digital campaign. By setting up at a great location you can revive a flagging digital campaign by leveraging your new-found engagement with your followers.

A final piece of research from PSFK: 91% of overperforming businesses place a greater emphasis on live events as a marketing channel. And remember, small, well planned and executed live events are also cost effective. You can get all the benefits of including face-to-face engagement in your marketing mix without breaking the bank.

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