Case study: Gosh! - The Kindness Cafe

September 13, 2018

We partnered with the award-winning branding agency Beyond to bring the Gosh! Kindness Cafe to the good people of the UK. 

The campaign kicked off in London, then moved onto Dublin before wrapping up in Liverpool. Along the way more than 3,000 people got involved, pledging an act of kindness in return for a healthy vegan Gosh! lunchbox.  

Gosh Kindness Cafe pledge

The venues 

1. The Southbank, London - With over 30,000 people a day passing through, The Southbank offered the perfect combination of high-footfall with iconic views and was a worthy location to kick off the Gosh! campaign.

The Kindness Cafe was located on Observation point, which boasts the backdrop of St Paul’s Cathedral and the City and overlooks the Thames. The 497m2 cobbled riverside site has provided the perfect location for a wide range of experiential and launch events, feature films, worldwide tourism promotions, including an Olympic broadcast studio and plays regular host to ITV’s This Morning and Good Morning Britain live broadcasts.

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Check out the highlights from London:







2. Liverpool 1, Liverpool - With over 29 million visitors every year and six uniques sites available, Liverpool 1 is a great place to promote your brand. The Kindness Cafe made great use of Paradise Street, which is the largest site available at the shopping centre, close to John Lewis, Urban Outfitters and Jamie's Italian. 

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3. Swords Pavillions, Dublin - Pavillions is Dublin's premier shopping destination with 90 great shops, restaurants and cafes as well as the 11 screen cinema, all under one roof. With millions of shoppers every year and a range of promotional sites, it's ideal for roadshows, brand demonstrations, sampling and face-to-face marketing activities.

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