7 Reasons You Need an Experiential Marketing Strategy

January 04, 2018

Experiential marketing helps brands cut through the digital noise and connect with the people that matter. Here's a few reasons how experiential marketing can help your brand.


It helps you reach people who avoid traditional advertising

With the rise of ad-blocking technology, fake news and the sheer volume of digital noise bombarding us, it's no wonder that more and more people are finding ways to avoid advertising. Experiential marketing helps brands connect with the hard to reach customers. 

It increases your sales & boosts brand awareness at the same time

One of the strongest arguments for choosing to run an experiential campaign is the ROI it can deliver, with over 65% of brands that use experiential marketing confirming that it positively correlates to sales. And as a bonus, more people will know about you. 

It improves customer satisfaction and brand perception

One of the key purchase decision factors is the ability for customers to sample a product or see a demonstration. The ability to talk to customers and help them make sense of their options builds up long term brand equity.

It gets more attention for your brand

For a fraction of the price of say a 30 second TV spot, you get to spend days at a time with your target audience. On top of that, there’s fewer brands competing for your customers attention, which is important as more 

It makes it easy for you engage face-to-face with potential customers

We're a social species after all, and in a world where most of our interactions are moving online, brands that can create authentic experiences will have the upper hand when it comes to winning a customers loyalty. 

It’s hyper-local and targeted

One of the best things about experiential marketing is it's ability to connect local businesses to local customers and it can be an incredibly effective way of driving additional footfall to shops. 

It helps you build stronger relationships

Real relationships start with people and meeting your customers in the real world is the beginning of building a lasting connection.

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