4 Reasons Why Experiential Marketing is Becoming so Important

March 23, 2018

Experiential marketing has become the most critical tool in the modern marketers weapon chest.

Experiential marketing has become the most critical tool in the modern marketers weapon chest, according to Piers Fawkes, the founder and Editor-in-chief of business intelligence platform psfk. Why? It offers a scalable solution that drives sales, builds loyalty and adds significant business value. 

And with Facebook in the news again for all the wrong reasons over data protection issues there’s a real and growing weariness amongst consumers and advertisers over digital advertising.
So, experiential marketing, promotional marketing, pop-ups, whatever you want to call it, offers the best way for you to cut through the noise and connect with real people and get them engaged with your business.
Here’s a few interesting takeaways from their Advertising Playbook for 2018 we thought you would find interesting:

1. Attention in digital advertising is waning

80% of people say online ads haven't gotten any better

2. Consumers are asking for engagement over targeting

91%percent say that ads are more intrusive today than 2-3 years ago.

3. Ad fraud is challenging digital KPI's

Digital ads wasted roughly $7.4 billion in 2016 due to poor placement. 

4. Brands are shifting from ads to customer relationships

"P&G, GE, Sears and other advertisers are auditing digital buys...Havas Group U.K. has frozen spending on Google and Youtube."

Read their full report here: https://www.psfk.com/report/advertising-playbook

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