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The Promotional Space story

“The retail sector is going through an unprecedented upheaval.  

Consumers are continuously on the look out for more convenience and flexibility to shop online, offline; or whichever they prefer at any given moment. Retailers must then also continuously adapt to what is becoming a hyper competitive environment, as cost-effectively as possible. 

The customer has never been more in control of their purchasing decisions. 

Brands need to rethink engagement if they are going to reach their full potential.  

We created Promotional Space to help brands meet their ideal audience face-to-face in the places they are most likely to engage.  

Our on-demand service does away with the risk of seasonal down-time and the high costs associated with maintaining a permanent retail presence. 

We’ve already seen the impact of B2B online marketplaces in the transport, hospitality and professional services sectors. Now retail and marketing is poised for disruption. 

We aim to be a leader of this retail revolution.” 

Emmanuel de Rycker, CEO and Founder


Meet the Leadership team

Emmanuel de Rycker




Emmanuel de Rycker

Emmanuel is the creative force behind Promotional Space.  

Emmanuel’s vision is to disrupt retailing with a direct, transparent online marketplace that allows brands to interact meaningfully and measurably with their target customers. 

His expertise with online marketplaces is both broad and deep. He is also a serial entrepreneur having started and led a number of new businesses in technology, retail, online travel and transport. 

Paul Murphy




Paul Murphy

Paul joined Promotional Space a man on a mission: to make face-to-face marketing accessible online for both brands and retailers, through a simple discover, select and book process. 

Paul is a retail sector expert, driven to facilitate positive disruption and change. 

A highly accomplished international executive and leader, he has supported some of the worlds largest brands whilst operating at senior levels in OpenMarket and EDC GmbH. 

3 SIMPLE STEPS to securing your meaningful, measurable live marketing event

How Promotional Space brings brands and retailers together to engage more customers



Use our unique online marketplace to search for promotional spaces by location, venue type, indoor and outdoor options etc.



Refine your search quickly and easily with more detailed information: footfall, fully transparent pricing, map and street view.



Complete the whole transaction online. Our automated booking system generates all paperwork and confirms booking in hours.

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